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We provide High-Efficiency packaged commercial systems i.e., rooftop units, split systems and indoor air-quality products for residential and light commercial industry.

Heating and Air-Conditioning


We deliver well-planned HVAC solutions that effectively provide and improve both satisfaction and comfort as well as reserve energy and protection of profits for our customers. 

Commercial Systems


We are dedicated and committed to assisting our customers with advanced technology and products.

Electrical Wiring and Rewiring


Randy’s Service also provides electrical service. We repair, rewire and install new breaker boxes.

Services: Residential and Commercial Heating, Cooling & Electrical


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Ceiling Fan Installation


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Whether you require routine maintenance, service or repairs for your electrical, heating and cooling needs, we are your best choice. We are committed to keeping your family and business with "second to none" maintenance and repair services.  

Your system maintenance is similiar to any automobile or any other mechanical machinary; in that your electrical, heating and cooling systems work best when it's properly maintained - we do just that.


We offer financing at low interest rates and reasonable monthly payments for our customers who qualify. We make every effort to work with senior citizens and others who are on low and fixed income. Call us for further details so we can arrange proper financing for your family or business budget. Again, we are here to serve and meet your needs.